The Perfect T-Shirt

35.00 EUR

Make a difference with your purchase: 50% of profits from this T-shirt will go directly to community impact projects in Dominican Republic. Read more.

The Perfect T-Shirt
A man always needs a classic white T-Shirt. A man of values choses the Perfect T-Shirt, handmade in the Dominican Republic with 100% organic cotton under ethical conditions. The Perfect T-shirt can be worn alone, with a jacket or under The Perfect Pullover. The crew-neck T-Shirt features dark blue stripes under the sleeves, that you can choose to show by rolling up the sleeve. The Perfect T-Shirt was designed by Henri & Becky from Bricolage Berlin and is produced to empower communities in Lat Am. It’s much more than a quality basic, it’s a tool for change. 

​๏  Standard fit
​๏  Quality construction
๏  100% organic cotton fabric
๏  Crew Neck
๏  Short sleeves
๏  Stripes under the sleeve
๏ Button made from coconut shell on the collar
๏  Traceable to its production & team thanks to a unique URL tag
๏  Designed by Bricolage Berlin

The Buttons
We thought about every element of our Perfect Shirt and how to make it as fashionable as possible, while still retaining its sustainable, eco friendly status. After an exhaustive search, the Indonesian Coconut Shell Button was the clear choice. Our buttons are personalized and carry the lowest environmental impact compared with other materials, like plastic or metal.

The Recycled Paper Sleeve
The Perfect T-Shirt is packed in 100% recycled paper. The sleeve is signed by the producer who worked on the T-Shirt. You can get to know who made your Perfect T-Shirt by visiting our website.



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